Katherine Daniels - Cleansing Milk


Thanks to its dual texture formulation, this salon strength milk to fluid product enters every skin pore and line to give you a gentle yet detoxifying cleansing experience. Rich in Minerals and Trace Elements vital to skin health,  your skin will be left clean, fresh and radiant,  while Glycerine helps to improve your skin hydration. 

Seaweed Extract gives anti-ageing properties, boosts collagen and elastin and natural defence mechanisms.

If you love:

A hydrated and revitalised skin finish

A transforming texture of milk to fluid, a great option for a really deep cleanse

The traditional cleansing and toning system

A light delicate fragrance

An easy to dispense pump

You will love this product!!!

Also available in Refill!

We recommend that you use a Toner to complete your cleansing routine and repeat the process once of a morning and twice of the evening. When you apply your toner, this pad should be coming away clean, if not your face is not throughly cleansed and you should consider using a microfibre mitt or cleansing device.


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