Katherine Daniels Daily DNA Defence - SPF30


Our ultra-light fluid quickly transforms into an invisible veil, with no oily or white residue. Advanced photo ageing technology to tackle the skin damaging effect of UV, blue light and pollution.

High UVA and UVB protection formulated with Active DNA Defence Enzymes which defend and repair, protecting your DNA from the damage caused by UV pollution and blue light(emitted from smart phones and computers).

Non-comedogenic, fragrance free, perfect for sensitive skin.

A broad spectrum protection against UVA nad UVB.

Your daily skin armour, protecting your skin while repairing the damage!

For all ages and skin types. Fragrance-free formulation, suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

What do we need protection against???


UVA are the skin aging sun rays, also responsible for pigmentation marks.

UVB are the rays that burn our skin

Blue Light Radiation

Blue Light or HEVL (High Energy Violet Light) is the blue/violet band of visible light which poses a significant threat to our complexions. Think Smartphones, computers, tablets and TV's.


Urban and rural pollution is everywhere. The damaging effects aren't always visible staright away but become visible decades after the damage is done.

What sets it apart from others???? What's in it???

Daily Defence Enzymes

Defend your skin cell's DNA from UV, blue light and pollution exposure.

Protects against the formation of pigmentation marks

Continued cellular repair after exposure to all of the above

Our Liposomal delivery system ensures enzymes are delivered right to the heart of the cells that need it

UVA and UVB Filters

Calming Chamomile which will soothe redness caused by UV radiation and pollution

Vitamin E, Antioxidant and Anti-Free Radical

You should be wearing this all year round to protect your skin.





Change of Season, change of Skin, let us guide you through the changes in your skin, whilst treating your skin with our advanced treatments and products to care and treat your SKIN FIRST!!!

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